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IndiFITual Online Membership

Includes personalized programming based on your goal and your current fitness level.

Fitie Online Membership 

Includes custom programming that has two tracks; one for those new to exercise and one for those who are well-versed in the gym.


After several years of training clients in different environments and seeing how each environment affected clients, I decided to start Foster Fitness.  The goal was to bring the best elements of fitness together to allow my clients succeed! We have achieved that goal by creating an environment which fosters success.

We build strength inside the gym and you carry it out.


​My name is Meghan Scanlon and I am the owner of Foster Fitness Online. I want to help you live the best life possible. I plan on doing this by becoming your biggest champion. Allowing you to be in charge of your journey by educating you on simple changes you can make to create a healthier lifestyle, and demonstrating to you that your body is capable of so much more than you believe.


  • I have been a member for 3 years now and average about 3 workouts per week. These workouts have impacted my life in many ways. I have so much more energy,  better balance, and more endurance. For example, this year while volunteering in Costa Rica I was able to maintain the daily hikes of 4-5 hours without any undue tiring. And I can keep up, no problem, with four extremely active grandkids!

    Marcia O’Neil, Fitie & Strong Grandma!
  • Foster Fitness is a hidden gem! This place offers classes for everyone.  There is a mix of cardio and strength classes so you can choose whatever suits your needs. For me, I like to attend them all to  switch it up. There’s lifting three times a week and then a class called 50-50 which is a mix of cardio and strength and then there is a class called SWEAT which is a lot of cardio and great interval training! The atmosphere is far from intimidating and Meghan is an absolute All-Star at what she does. She is consistently helping you with form and is so creative with generating new & challenging workouts so you don’t fall into a boring routine or plateau! The people who attend Foster Fitness are really nice and encouraging and it truly is a great place to work out. I can’t say enough positive things about Meghan and her gym!

    Kerri Domohowski- Fitie & Outdoors Enthusiast
  • I started going to Foster Fitness on a recommendation from a friend and I’ve kept going back for about a year and a half now. Meghan McClorey makes classes fun and challenging. She is always pushing you to hit your goals and make sure you use proper form while doing so. I can now do 3 pull-ups, squat 1.5x my bodyweight, and am closing in on a 2x bodyweight deadlift. If you are looking to get in shape or get out of a work-out rut, definitely check out Foster Fitness.

    Tracy Cadigan- Fitie & Pull-Up Pro
  • I attend class regularly and love them – I really look forward to going. The small classes make you feel like you are getting a personal training experience without the price tag of a 1-on-1 personal trainer. I love the combination of HIIT, cardio and strength training throughout the week. I have noticed great changes in my fitness level since attending her gym. She is very attentive and makes sure that you are doing the moves correctly to prevent injury. She logs your PR’s so you can continue to reach goals – break them – and set new ones 🙂 I also love the variety in ages that attend her gym and how friendly everyone is with one another. Her clients are so dedicated that it feels like a family at her gym since you see the same faces so regularly. It really makes class so enjoyable. Definitely give this gym a try – I promise you will not be disappointed!

    Colleen Gerety- Fitie, Runner, & Strong Mom!
  • As someone who has been actively working out and running for 10 years, I found myself plateauing and needed a change. In the summer of 2014, when a local running store was offering a weekly session geared towards runners, by a trainer, I thought I’d try it out. There I met Meghan, the face behind Foster Fitness. I’ve been working out with Meghan now for over a year. I’ve never felt better or stronger. I’m lifting weights and setting new PRs that I never dreamed I’d achieve. For example, my first attempt at a 1 rep max deadlift was 120 lbs, my latest max is 250 lbs. I can also perform, push ups, real pushups!

    Anne Sodergren- Fitie & Runner
  • My first goal was simple when starting with Meg, maintain my health and stay active as I got older. I wanted to “lose a few pounds” and be able to run without pain.  I was apprehensive about going to a gym but Meg provided me with a series of small steps and attainable goals. Over time I lost 25lbs and my knee pain was gone. What I never considered was over the next 2 years those small steps would lead me to a fitness level that allowed me to run a BQ marathon, squat over 200lbs, and deadlift 250, who knew?! Sounds a bit cliche, but Meg knew! Because she believed in me, I believed me. Meg has a wealth of knowledge, knows how to motivate, and keeps you accountable while somehow still making it fun.

    Nancy McClorey, IndiFITual Runner & Strong Grandma
  • If you are looking to get in shape or change the way you think about exercise Foster Fitness is the place for you! I have been a “fitie” for 2 years and the workouts never get old. Meghan helped me to change my eating habits, lose weight, get in shape and enjoy doing it! She keeps the workouts fun and interesting and makes you want to come back for more! She is extremely knowledgeable, not only about fitness but nutrition too. She helps you set goals and stick to them. Everyone there is friendly and supportive, it’s a real fitness family. Come check it out, you won’t be sorry you did!

    Maura Sullivan- Fitie & Loves Exercise now!
  • At Melrose High School I was a 2 sport athlete,playing soccer and lacrosse. I was always looking for ways to get better during the offseason. I know both soccer and lacrosse require so much strength, agility, speed, balance, flexibility and fitness that I was looking to improve these to step up my game. I started training at Foster Fitness during my off-seasons and Meghan helped me improve my strength and condition, and so much more!  I have been apart of the Foster Fitness family for three years now. I am a part of the small group athlete program where we focus on ways to get better as individual athletes so we can be successful in the games we love to play. I remember first entering the gym feeling nervous because I had never lifted weights before and I was not confident in doing a new type of workout. The nervousness quickly went away as Meghan supported my needs by modifying any workout and making it so everyone can accomplish goals, she pushes people to do things they never thought they could do. The results I have noticed in myself while working out with Meg are outstanding. I can run faster and longer, I am more powerful on the field and stand strong enough to hold my own in games, and I can move quicker while staying balanced. Not only has Foster Fitness made me better at the sports I love, but also my everyday life and overall health has improved. The past three years I have noticed great changes in myself that I know would have never happened without Megan’s help. My nutrition is better, I feel and look better, and I’ve learned great skills along the way that I will use for the rest of my life. Now I am in college, I will be playing lacrosse for Westfield State University.  This winter, I am back in classes at Foster Fitness and I am fully confident that when I return to school for preseason, I will be ready and in shape for the start of Lacrosse. Foster Fitness has given me confidence, knowledge, and also a great sense of community. My overall experience at Foster Fitness is amazing, coming to this gym makes working out something to look forward to because you are surrounded by great people, and you know you will have great results!!

    Hayley Rodriguez, Fitie Athlete & College Lacrosse Player
  • I started IndiFITual because I started doing powerlifting competitions and wanted a plan that was more specific to my goals to help me improve. I have been doing it for about 2 months and the experience has been great. It takes all of the thought out of working out and tend to be workouts that I would never make myself do but because Meghan gave me the workout I am confident that I can do it. These two things make me push myself more than I would on my own. After my first month and a half of training I did my 2nd competition and added 27 pounds to my total while losing 5 pounds. Currently I am working on dropping a weight class and obtaining a total to qualify for nationals!

    Cori Strange, IndiFITual Powerlifter
  • I decided to join IndiFitual to take a more direct, personal approach towards my goal. My goal is to get back to my pre-injury weight. With the app, Meghan personalizes the workouts based on my needs and also helps me with my nutrition(the hardest part for me!). With IndiFITual I feel so much more accountable.  I found that some days my only “water intake” was a cup of coffee. I also am able to take a step back when that voice in my head tries to make excuses for why I should eat the cookie/brownie and say, “no.” On the flip side, I am learning to be more forgiving towards myself and feel less guilty when I do decide to indulge! I have had numerous knee operations and a recent back injury but feel confident and safe as each workout is built for me and what I am able to do right now.  As a nurse with a crazy schedule IndiFITual has made it so much easier to get in my workouts. I can message Meghan my schedule so workouts can be made for the gym or on busy days, at home. I have to say, my favorite part is being able to check off each sweat sesh!  I have never felt more motivated than I do now. #stayhungry #foryourgoalsnotchips

    Jenna Lahiff, IndiFITual Bride & Strong Nurse
  • I started training online with Meghan at the end of 2014. Initially my program was written within Google docs but since the IndiFITual program began, my workouts are now within the app which makes it very easy to follow. The videos given for each exercise takes the guesswork out of each workout. My goal has always been related to hiking and remains to be! My 2017 goal is to summit Rainier and Kilimanjaro. My sense is the my cardio and core strength is improving which has allowed me to accomplish my goal this year of summiting Mt.Fuji. I am excited to test out my fitness built from Meghan’s workouts(which are totally diabolical) further with the time spent on Rainier and Kilimanjaro in 2017. The IndiFITual program is great because it pushes me to test my limits more than the general fitness programs.

    Dennis Mc., Avid Hiker
  • Meghan has been instrumental in designing and implementing strength & conditioning and nutrition programs for our athletes.  Her ability to adapt to each persons fitness level, needs, and goals is second to none.  She has helped our high school athletes achieve their dreams of playing a sport in college and beyond.

    Brian Scanlon – Founder of The Recruiting Coaches
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